24 January 2012 Press release from the City of Trollhättan


Saab car museum to remain in Trollhättan
It became clear today that Saab’s car museum will be kept intact in Trollhättan. The City of Trollhättan succeeded in winning the bidding thanks to a valuable collaboration with the defence and security group, Saab AB and the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg’s Memorial Fund.

– Naturally this feels really good. Saab’s cars are a part of Trollhättan’s heritage and we have now saved a little piece of Sweden’s industrial history. But it would definitely not have been possible without the support of Saab AB, the Wallenberg foundation and the region of West Götaland. We are very grateful that these partners also saw the value in the museum and its cars, says chairman Paul Åkerlund, who points out at the same time that formal approval is required from Trollhättan’s county council before the sale can go through.

The partnership will pay SEK 28 million for the museum and the intact car collection. The City of Trollhättan and the region of West Götaland will be responsible for running the museum.

– We feel that it is of great importance to preserve Swedish industrial history. The fact that the collection will remain in Sweden and Trollhättan is important for us, cars are also part of our corporate heritage, says Carina Brorman, Communication Manager at Saab AB.

 – The Wallenberg foundation works to support interest in the natural sciences, research and education. Preserving the car museum makes an important part of Swedish industrial history available for researchers and the general public and can inspire young people to study the natural sciences, says the managing director of the foundation, Hans Wibom.

For further questions please contact Paul Åkerlund, chairman of the county council, Trollhättan, +46 (0)70-554 44 56.